Uplay on Ubuntu

Ubisoft refuses to acknowledge Linux OS’s as a platform for gaming so they don’t port their software to Linux. But it’s 2020 and the Internet’s mighty FOSS developers made big progress in place of Ubisoft. There are Wine and Lutris and the combination of these makes it possible to play even Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on Ubuntu.

It’s surprisingly easy to get it working on Ubuntu 20.04. I managed to accomplish this using this guide so kudos goes to its creators (although it leads to using GOG which we don’t actually need).

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CSS: Webfonts in an HTML web page on localhost

I have created a tool named TOCjs in as webpage for generating table of contents by parsing an HTML document user provides. The tool was designed to work locally hosted so neither the user needs a webserver to use the tool, nor I need a webserver to make the tool available for users.

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Diskové oddíly v ext4 větší než 2 TB

Nedávno jsem se poprvé dostal k disku většímu než 2 TB (přesně řečeno k 3TB disku). Když jsem odstranil oddíl naformátovaný v NTFS a pokusil se vytvořit na celém disku jeden oddíl ve ext4, narazil jsem.

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Piwigo gallery – filter photos by a rating score in the Batch Manager

If you are using the Piwigo web gallery and wish to filter out photos by a rating score to perform some batch operation on them, you might find that slightly challenging. Even if you’re using the plugin Batch Manager Prefilters, you don’t have any obvious way to filter the photos by a rating in the Batch Manager. I’ve found two ways to work around that.

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How to chat on Facebook without the Messenger app on Android

Ever since Facebook disabled the chat ability on the mobile version of its website, it’s been a problem for anyone who doesn’t wish to have Messenger installed on his or her Android smartphone to use the Facebook chat. I gave up on the idea and just used the Messenger on for a long time, but recently I found a way to use the Facebook’s mobile website with the chat the old way.
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How to fix scanner problem on Ubuntu 18.04 with HP LaserJet Pro MFP M125nw printer

After doing a clean install of Ubuntu 18.04 in May 2018 and installing HPLIP software to be able to print on my Hewlet Packard LaserJet Pro MFP M125nw printer, printing worked correctly. Then it got broken by causes unknown to me in June and I had to fix it. This, however, didn’t go without complications.
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Exctract blue-ray video streams from ISO file under Linux (Ubuntu)

To be able to encode blue-ray (BD) source into some more universal format, you have to first have access to single video/audio streams that comprise the BD. These are video files with extension .m2ts inside which is an Advanced Video Codec (High@L4.1) video and PCM audio. For now, this article will skip the subtitles because I currently don’t have a BD with subtitles on my disk. These files are normally playable in a player like MPV.

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Using Slack in Pale Moon

Slack is a platform made for teams to easily communicate in channels and queries (private messages). It has apps for mobile platforms (Android, Windows Phone, iOS) and on desktops you have two options. Either use their app which is really only a website wrapper, or use the website interface in a browser. Which is what I do.
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256 barev v terminálu na Ubuntu

Prokrastinace je silná a nutí člověka vymýšlet další a další věci, jak si nastavit svůj Mutt. Dnes odpoledne jsem narazil na komplexní barevné schéma pro Mutt, které ale využívá 256odstínového barevného modelu, což v základu ubunťácký terminál neumí, takže po načtení tohoto nastavení Mutt pěkně řval:

Error in /home/edison23/.muttrc, line 225: 136: color not supported by term

… a tak podobně.
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