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Multilanguage blog posts – Polylang

How to manage multilanguage blog under Wordpress

Datum: 2012-02-25
Kategorie: Guides EN

I recently decided, that I want to write a cetrain guide (which will hopefully appear here soon), and I want it to be in more languages (precisely in Czech and English). So I started some research on this topic, but it was tougher than I expected, because I didn’t really know what to search for. Testing various ways of achieving my goal included updating to WP 3.3 which I feared pretty much cause of my bad experience with one WP update some time ago, but this one turned out all right, though. Then I found a plugin called Polylang.

Very easy to handle, it manages languages of your posts, allows you to link translations together and have your WP site virtually multilaguage. Does exactly what it say it will (so far, at least). After installing, you need to add your languages (including current one, which probably will be the default too), create a menu for new languages (and set them afterwards in Menus tab of Polylang settings page), set default language and language for posts and pages without one set. Also create categories for other languages. Then you can play around with the rest of the settings if you wish to. When editing post, you will see a new small window for setting the language version and relations to other language posts. There is also a widget for your sidebar which allows users to switch languages.

I look forward to see how it handles the language versions of my lonely website (lonely bcs there’s nothing to see and nobody visits…heh). And maybe it’ll make me write more.

Downlaoad Polylang here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/polylang/ or install it from you WP plugin manager. GL.