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MS Word 2007: Enter comment, enter note under line, etc. grayed out

Have ever happened to you that you were sent a document (.doc) from somebody using OpenOffice and you couldn’t add any comments and notes and stuff? Well, it happened to me some while ago and it took me a while to get it solved. It looks like some complex problem but it’s actually very stupid. At least, I felt stupid when I found out what is it about.

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Bluray encoding

A word of introduction

It’s now about 8 months since I started my „encoder career“ in a group ripping anime DVDs known as Animecorpx (ACX). I work for them as an encoder and what we do is basically ripping anime DVDs released in the USA to make them accessible for the rest of the world, where you can’t buy them. But I actually hate DVDs. They have low quality video, cleaning their image up is pain and they generally suck. It came out I’m not the only one in ACX who hates low res and that shitty image of DVDs. It was shitsu, my Swiss colleague, who actually made me think about an option, that I could encode BDs and that it might not be as impossible as I thought it is. As I started some research on this topic, I found out, that it’s not difficult at all. However, it requires somewhat different approach and different tools, so it took me a while to get into it and I relied on other guides and blog posts scatter on multiple pages. That’s why I decided I should write something simple to follow about encoding BDs.

Note that this text assumes some level of knowledge about encoding.

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Multilanguage blog posts – Polylang

I recently decided, that I want to write a cetrain guide (which will hopefully appear here soon), and I want it to be in more languages (precisely in Czech and English). So I started some research on this topic, but it was tougher than I expected, because I didn’t really know what to search for. Testing various ways of achieving my goal included updating to WP 3.3 which I feared pretty much cause of my bad experience with one WP update some time ago, but this one turned out all right, though. Then I found a plugin called Polylang.

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